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Installing Quickbooks® in Your Young Business Speeds Up The Growth Proces

The challenges faced by distribution companies and wholesalers are ever changing and increasing. Costs must be kept low, stocks accurately managed and the prices maintained to improve sales margin. Clients must also be served at the highest level to ensure their prospects are met, all these, are matters to reckon with in your business while the markets are also becoming increasingly competitive.But thanks to Quickbooks®, an accounting software developed by intuit®, to offer most of the features a business will need in its day to day operations, the challenges can all be managed online by the software from your devices at the comfort of your own home.


Packages Functionality

When settling for a productive accounting and finance for your business, you ought to compare some of the Quickbooks® product available in the market. Evaluation of the general client satisfaction puts the Quickbooks® pro ahead of the Quickbooks® enterprise  with the prior having a score of 97% while the latter l…

Make Your Business Effective With Quickbooks® Software

Accounting and bookkeeping no longer have to cause you sleepless nights owing to the introduction of Quickbooks®, which is accounting software geared towards medium sized businesses while also encompassing the small businesses. It is designed, developed and marketed by intuit®. Its packages include a cloud based version which manages and pays bills, on premises accounting applications, payroll functions and accepting business payments.

Quickbooks® support center, annually updates their Quickbooks® desktop accounting software, habitually after a review by the developers who focus on the consumer business size and diversity. They look at the feedback from the customers and build on their strengths while at the same time working on their weaknesses to ensure consumer efficiency.

Quickbooks® installation

When installing QuickBooks® , the first choice is whether to go for the QuickBooks® enterprise or the Network and custom, options. While the enterprise version is designed to overwrite th…

Why QuickBooks® is Must for Your Business

Many business owners spend a number of hours every week managing their books of accounts and drafting financial reports. It is common knowledge that it’s not a walk in the park trying to handle all the aspects of business finances. It is both tiresome and time-consuming as well. But all these frustrations can be gotten rid of by embracing and accepting QuickBooks®  to help manage your business.

QuickBooks®  is online oriented accounting software developed by intuit® to help solve most of the accounting tasks in the day to day running of a business. The size of the business does not really matter as the software is designed to encompass both the small and medium sized business ventures.
Ease of Doing Business

Accounting and bookkeeping, together with the other financial aspects of a business such as observing financial reports, bank reconciliations, tracking expenses and drafting invoices can all be done at your own convenient time and location owing to the QuickBooks®  online which i…

Allowing Installation of Quickbooks® to Shape Your Business

Many small and large businesses fail to work, not because they are weak in operation, but they are skeptical about anything that poses threat to their comfort zone. Most of them would rather live with the anguish of failed systems than rocking in mass water, which to them is an unprepared journey they are not ready to take. The introduction of Quickbooks® by Intuit®  allowed software’s that were designed then to handle the individual’s needs, which turned out to be a great success before releasing the former to the market. The transformational journey by Intuit® has been one of a kind because every invention saw a number of small businesses rise from nothing to big enterprises through a system that requires no formal education in accounting to function/operate.
KDR Business Rescue Mission to Businesses at Crossroad
For new businesses, especially those that have recently emerged and are looking forward to getting a boost with the Quickbooks® software installation, sometimes there is over …

Simplifying Accounting for Businesses

Quickbooks®  is a web centered accounting interpretation software that caters for both small businesses and individual accountants. The solution helps with tracking expenses, monitoring financial reports, drafting invoices, and bank reconciliation among others. The software is updated on a regular basis, all with the intent of making the accounting work easier. Some of the major recent advancements and significant changes to the software include; faster run time, invoice tracking, batch transactions and inventory reorder points. The transaction ACH fee has also been dropped, saving money for business owners. Several features, that an elite team in the KDR business has identified, that otherwise cannot be gotten with the old-fashioned Quickbooks®  desktop version such as location and class categories, automatic sales receipts, scheduled invoices and split transactions are offered by Quickbooks®  online. The intuitive interface and the new design beat the Quickbooks®  pro.
Software Requi…

How Quickbooks® Places Small Businesses into a Negotiation Platform?

When KDR business started to operate, only a handful of businesses had an idea about the work of Quickbooks® software. And for those that did, never have an expertise on how to utilize the software. You know the advantage with integrating Quickbooks®  into your business; you don’t have to necessarily have to possess proficiency in accounting since entries happen behind the scenes. Use of Quickbooks®  software helps small businesses adapt to inventory management, the software syncs everything in one place and all the information can be accessed from any place. We in KDR business come into play and act as a bridging gap to modernize small startup businesses integrate accounting and bookkeeping software. Management and Ease of OperationWhen we install for you the Quickbooks®  software, you will be able to: ØFind it easy managing your money ØGet profit and loss reports ØBe able to track customers ØHelp you compare income statements Our products and expertise have been tested and proven. For sma…

Traditional Habits You Should Keep Off Your Business

Adopting habits that are long gone in your business is more than suicidal in the 21st century. Times have changed, and technology is transforming ways of doing business faster than it used to be years ago.

Sticking With Excel Instead of Upgrading To QuickBooks® 

Utilizing something for a long time until that thing becomes accustomed to your way of doing business is a disease. Why so? One, in the process, you shut down any new idea aimed at changing your conventional approach. Two, it drags your business since you are hesitant to embracing new methods. Three, It diverts your clientele away, as nothing transformational your business display. With that in mind, in today’s world, businesses both large and small have to integrate technology in their running to bring new outlook and speed up the process of engagements with customers.

It is sad for any business to blindly fail to see how the use of QuickBooks®  software is changing the financial story of businesses. Considering Excel as fit,…

Why KDR Business Services is The Favourite of Many Businesses

Whether you are new to QuickBooks® or an experienced QuickBooks® user, it is a given that you will run into challenges to solve system errors. At KDR Business services, we have dealt with diverse QuickBooks®concerns accelerated to us by our clients. We are constantly improving our support staff skills to keep up with QuickBooks® evolution. Here are some of the areas we excel in supporting.

QuickBooks® Enterprise Support

We understand that this package comes with different modules, each dedicated to a specific line of business. It might be difficult for you to identify the right solution for you. Our QuickBooks® enterprise support will assess your overall business and recommend an application module for you and an installation henceforth.

Some of the tools on QuickBooks® enterprise present a challenge to new users, particularly the QuickBooks® advanced reporting feature. We have under our banner, proadvisors  with complete understanding of this feature. Expect a thorough support from o…

Why It Is a Must to Integrate Financial Software Into your businesses

Technology is hugely transforming the way businesses execute their daily transactions. Most notable are computer application solutions that cover almost all facets of the business, from hiring staff, paying them to accounting and bookkeeping just to highlight a few.

Any serious business no matter its scale must leverage the new business practice trends to remain competitive and make worthy returns while at it. Switching from manual financial accounting to adopting optimal software solutions means that your business will save a huge percentage of resources while smoothening financial calculations and reporting.

Here is how financial software will ease your way of doing business.

1. Accounting and bookkeeping:

Financial management packages will facilitate seamless reconciliation of your accounts. Most of the tasks will be automated working with information fed to them. Most developers, design easily usable accounting applications that even inexperienced accountants can effortlessly inter…