Make Your Business Effective With Quickbooks® Software

Accounting and bookkeeping no longer have to cause you sleepless nights owing to the introduction of Quickbooks®, which is accounting software geared towards medium sized businesses while also encompassing the small businesses. It is designed, developed and marketed by intuit®. Its packages include a cloud based version which manages and pays bills, on premises accounting applications, payroll functions and accepting business payments.

Quickbooks® support center, annually updates their Quickbooks® desktop accounting software, habitually after a review by the developers who focus on the consumer business size and diversity. They look at the feedback from the customers and build on their strengths while at the same time working on their weaknesses to ensure consumer efficiency.

Quickbooks® installation

When installing QuickBooks® , the first choice is whether to go for the QuickBooks® enterprise or the Network and custom, options. While the enterprise version is designed to overwrite the previous QuickBooks®  versions installed, such that if the 2014 version is installed, it automatically overwrites the 2009 version,  the customs and network options are designed such that it can allow the previous version to be retained while the new one is installed in another file or folder. The latter option is ideal for installation not located in the default location.

Work anywhere on various devices.

You can manage and get access to your books from your smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop at your own convenient time. There are features of the software that can also allow you to create access privileges so that either your accountant or colleague can gain access and work with your data online.

Send invoices

Custom online invoices can be created and sent from any device. Data is automatically stored by the Quickbooks®  online mobile app in the cloud. Business becomes easily manageable on the go due to the fact that the cloud storage synchronizes across all the devices creating convenient access.


The changes brought about by technology, especially those aimed at growing and developing our businesses is a change worth embracing. As a result, we at the KDR business services, have a team of highly qualified and experienced employees who make it their priority to understand the ever evolving Quickbooks®  packages to help serve our clients and ensure they pick the right package for their businesses.Our online site, also contains important information that can help you pick the right package to improve your accounting tasks and business management.  You, therefore, should consider installing Quickbooks®  in your business, however young and compete with the larger business. You are guaranteed to see results immediately after installation, and you will never regret taking that road. It is a worthy investment that is changing businesses and people’s lives.


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